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Azure IoT Edge supports Ubuntu Core at Tier 1 OS

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Abdul Zafar

Project Manager - Scrum Master

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In a significant development, Microsoft Azure IoT Edge has announced the inclusion of Ubuntu Core in its Tier 1 supported operating systems starting from March 2024. This strategic collaboration with Canonical addresses a longstanding request from our customers, enhancing the versatility and reach of Azure IoT Edge applications with ask of immutable OS with support

Ubuntu Core in Tier 1 OS

Azure IoT Edge has always been committed to providing robust and reliable support for a variety of operating systems. The elevation of Ubuntu Core Snaps to a Tier 1 supported OS marks a milestone in this commitment. Ubuntu Core, known for its lightweight and secure architecture, is now officially supported on both AMD 64 and ARM 64 architectures.

Special Case for Docker


In typical Azure IoT Edge deployments, the Moby engine is utilized for production environments. However, recognizing the unique advantages and requirements of Ubuntu Core, Azure IoT Edge will use Docker for production deployments on this OS. This special case adaptation ensures that users can leverage the full potential of Ubuntu Core's containerized environment while maintaining the high standards of performance and reliability associated with Azure IoT Edge.

Canonical's Role in Security

Security is paramount in any Edge deployment, and Canonical plays a crucial role in ensuring that Ubuntu Core remain secure. Canonical is responsible for managing the snaps, including patching vulnerabilities and providing updates including docker. This proactive approach to security ensures that users can trust their IoT solutions to be resilient against potential threats, maintaining the integrity and reliability of their deployments.


One of the key benefits of this update is the seamless integration of Azure IoT Edge with Ubuntu Core. Users can expect a smooth and efficient development process, with the assurance that their IoT applications will run reliably on a secure and optimized platform. The official installation packages for AMD 64 and ARM 64 are readily available from snapcraft.io, simplifying the setup process and enabling quick deployment.