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IoT Development with the nRF54H20 SoC


Ranjan Nayak N

Software Development Engineer

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In world of the Internet of Things (IoT), innovation and efficiency are key. The latest breakthrough from Nordic Semiconductor, the nRF54H20 System-on-Chip (SoC), promises to be a game-changer for developers aiming to create cutting-edge IoT products. This new addition to the nRF54H Series combines ultra-low power consumption, superior processing power, generous memory, and advanced security features into a compact and highly efficient package.

Key Benefits of the nRF54H20 SoC

1. Compact Design: One of the most notable advantages of the nRF54H20 is its ability to reduce the overall design size of IoT devices. By integrating multiple components into a single SoC, developers can minimize the need for external components, leading to smaller, more streamlined products.

2. Prolonged Battery Life: Battery life is a critical factor in IoT devices, and the nRF54H20 excels in this area. With its efficient processing capabilities and ultra-low power radio, it significantly extends battery life, or alternatively, allows for the use of smaller batteries without sacrificing performance. This efficiency is further enhanced by its minimal sleep currents, ensuring that devices remain operational for longer periods between charges.

3. Long-Range Connectivity: The nRF54H20 features a best-in-class multiprotocol radio that supports a range of wireless protocols. It boasts a 10 dBm TX power and impressive RX sensitivity, with -100 dBm for Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) and -104 dBm for 802.15.4. This ensures robust and reliable long-range connectivity, making it ideal for various IoT applications.

4. Enhanced Security: Security is paramount in IoT development, and the nRF54H20 does not disappoint. It includes state-of-the-art security features such as secure boot, secure firmware updates, secure storage, and protection against physical attacks. These measures ensure that IoT devices built with this SoC are safeguarded against a wide range of security threats.

A Bright Future for IoT Innovation The nRF54H20 SoC is currently being sampled to select customers, with widespread availability anticipated soon. By offering a unique combination of features and benefits, this SoC is poised to enable the development of innovative IoT products that were previously unimaginable. Developers looking to leverage the nRF54H20 in their projects should reach out to their Nordic sales representatives for more information.

With the introduction of the nRF54H20, Nordic Semiconductor continues to lead the charge in IoT innovation, providing the tools and technology necessary to build the next generation of smart, connected devices.